27. Mar, 2017

Excerpts from Ros's latest newsletter

'...Easter reminds us of God's amazing love for us and the extreme act of love in Christ's death on our behalf and his subsequent resurrection. It reminds us of ... the security we find in our relationship with God the Father, Jesus our Saviour and the Holy Spirit who lives within us. I am reminded that Jesus came to bring us life in all its fullness. So we can enjoy life now, in the future and for eternity.' 

'...it would be easy to get weighted down with the cares of the world. I'm writing this as all the events in London are unfolding and the television is focussed on what's happening inside and outside Parliament. At the same time the Scottish Parliament was in the middle of discussing the call for another independence referendum. At the same time the divisions in Northern Ireland have once again been in focus following the death of Martin McGuinness and the elections that will soon be held for the NI Assembly. Alongside them all is the imminent letter to the EU regarding Brexit. The world as we know it is full of turmoil and change... we truly do not know what the future holds.'

'But inspite of all this, we have the certainty that God is unchanging and the message of Easter is secure. Christ died at Calvary carrying the burden of our sins. But death could not hold him and he rose again. As a result we are forgiven our sins, have life everlasting and are children of God. What Good News this is! We can once again declare, "Alleluia! What a Saviour!"

Have a happy Easter.



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