12. Jan, 2020

Luke's Gospel

For the first part of 2020 we had planned to explore the Gospel of Luke. This is on hold for the time being until we can meet again physically. Our style is not academic, although we will delve into the background of the book; our aim is to build faith as we talk together about the things that stand out for us.

Luke writes mainly for people with a non-Jewish background and in doing so pays particular attention to the role of women and to others who are often marginalised. He is a doctor and therefore healing stories particularly interest him, and he is intrigued by the role of the Holy Spirit in empowering the early church. He went on to write the Acts of the Apostles, a sequel to the Gospel which helps us to understand the context for the mission of the church and the chronology of Paul's writings and missionary journeys. He accompanied Paul in the later stages of his travels and so saw first-hand the effects that came when people encountered Jesus and His message.