5. Jun, 2019

Ros's message for June 2019

I'm writing this whilst sitting on the stairs at the Manse waiting for my furniture and boxes to arrive out of storage. Sue and Brian are busy painting the kitchen walls. It feels like this is a lull in the middle of the storm, as everything will change once the removal van arrives. Then I won't have time to think. This is the day that I've been looking forward to for the last year and a bit, but now it has arrived I'm feeling mixed emotions. The excitement is still there but alongside it I'm feeling apprehensive and daunted. I'm excited at the prospect of living in the village. But at the same time there is all the unpacking and sorting that moving home involves.

As I've been sitting here my thoughts have been mulling over the season of 'Thy Kingdom Come' which we have just entered. We've had the launch evening where the focus was upon the Ascebsion of Jesus and the Lord's Prayer and will soon be into the second evening with its focus on Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit. Our services over the next 2 weeks will follow the same themes. 

I've been thinking about how the disciples must have been feeling in these events. They had lived through the trauma of the arrest, trials and crucifixion of Jesus. This had been followed by the surprise of the resurrection, and then they had a number of encounters with the risen Jesus in different contexts over 40 days. Then they saw him for the final time as they watched him ascend to heaven. He had left them with instructions and had told them to wait. How hard that must have been for them, especially action man Peter. It is interesting to see that they continued to meet as a group and to pray.

Waiting is never easy. We all have different strategies for dealing with it. I seem to spend a lot of time sitting in waiting rooms. If possible I try to take something with me to do, but I'm always on edge in case I miss my name being called. Sometimes the waiting is made worse when the future hangs on it. Youngsters will soon be waiting anxiously for exam results, especially when future courses or jobs are dependent on them. Then there are those times when we have health issues requiring tests and procedures. The waiting for the results is really hard. At times like this we are often ovewhelmed with the uncertainty of the future. The disciples must have felt like that, wondering what next and what the future might be like and wondering what Jesus meant by the Holy Spirit coming upon them. I doubt if they could have expected what happened next at Pentecost! Once again God was going to take them by surprise. 

I'm wondering what God has in store for us now that the waiting for the Manse is almost over. All I can say is that I expect that whatever it is will take us by surprise. I also feel confident in saying that we need to be like the disciples in making sure that we continue to meet together at every opportunity and to ensure that we make prayer a priority. Central to all this is our need for core power which is only availanle through the Holy Spirit.

These are exciting and daunting times for us.